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Visited this place 40 years ago drafted for military services in Schaarsbergen, lot of nice memories. The interior is still the same, special attention for the ceiling. If you loved "Cheers" the tv series you have to visit this place. Go down on the stairs and feel like Sam Malone.

Twan dun Urste Avatar Twan dun Urste

Great place to get a pitcher and take in the old world cavern feel. Music is loud Top 40. I enjoyed it.

Neil Soloman Avatar Neil Soloman

Awesome service, nice bartenders, good variety of drinks. I wouldn't go anywhere else!

migosso Avatar migosso

Best (only) place to go when you're just not ready to sleep yet and you're feeling thirsty. Get to know the locals and bouncers and after 4am you're going to have a great time. (Caps, hats and beanies not allowed tho)

Fedor Soffers Avatar Fedor Soffers